What is our mission?

The Cool Ruler is a creative production agency for Afro Arts & Culture.

Launched in 2016 in Amsterdam by now Gambia-based creative artistically known as Poema Jones, The Cool Ruler aims to seek out, connect and act as a multi-disciplinary outlet for producers of Afro art and culture to share their narratives and create a movement. We call them The Cool Rulers.

We believe that narratives shape identities and that by controlling these narratives we create and define our own identities. We consider this to be a vital step in bringing positive change within the societies and communities we live in. Besides highlighting the vibrant, diverse, unique and  cool individuals that permeate Afro arts and culture today, we seek to create and showcase projects that uplift, inspire and connect through the exchange of ideas, sharing of knowledge and by working together as a movement.

Alkebulan proverb: ‘Until the lion tells his own story, the story will always glorify the hunter.’

Who is The Cool Ruler?

A Cool Ruler is anyone creating and contributing to Afro arts and culture in a way that is not only authentic but in a way that cultivates positive change. He/she embraces positivity, authenticity, creativity and social entrepreneurship. This platform is designed to connect, inspire, exchange ideas and knowledge and to curate and showcase all art forms. We pride ourselves on promoting the vibrant and diverse individuals that permeate Afro culture today.

The name The Cool Ruler was inspired by none other than the late great Mister Gregory Isaacs, thé original Cool Ruler. The legend has inspired Jones throughout her life. His unique artistic expression resonates with her till this day. In addition to his artistry, Isaacs has become a source for style-inspiration for many like-minded individuals, including Poema Jones.  He straddles the line between smoldering heat with an ice-cold finish. Something that has always been reflected in Afro arts and culture. The Cool Ruler is therefore the ideal name for the movement.

We Are Ruling Cool.

Who is Poema Jones?

Poema Jones, a painter / illustrator and designer, is a modern-day renaissance woman who has proven to be a source of influence as it relates to Afro arts and culture, her love for Africa, roots and her need to tell her own narratives and that of other Afro people.

She has made it her mission to not only create art, designs and works that celebrate Afro culture, she has also been a champion for other Afro artists, creatives and entrepreneurs who are contributing and shaping Afro culture as a whole.

She is determined to claim and create spaces where this culture can be showcased and shared – so much so even –  that in November 2017 she repatriated from Amsterdam to the Gambia to better be able to work on this mission and live more in alignment with her believes.

Be the Change you want to see.

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Gregory Isaacs

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