Poema Jones

Poema Jones is a visual artist and accessories designer. In november 2017 she Repatriated from Amsterdam – The Netherlands to The Gambia, Africa.
Heavily influenced by her roots, Africa and Rastafari culture, she has been designing since 2007 and successfully running a creative business under the label name Poema Jones. She is now in the process of starting up a creative space in The Gambia where Afro creatives all over the globe can connect through Art, Design, Roots & Culture.

The name, Poema Jones, is one that came about organically. Jones’ late father used to play records by reggae pioneers Black Uhuru throughout her youth. She was especially drawn to the Afrocentric style of the female vocalist of the group, Sandra Jones – better known as Puma. Since the two women shared the same middle name, Sandra, it felt like a natural way for Jones to adopt a variation of the name and pay homage to her father.

Roots, Reggae &


In summer 2014 Poema was ready for a new challenge and stumbled upon painting on canvas as a new expression. Soon after she sold her first painting. In October 2015 she had the honor of painting her first mural at Lifeyard, a Rasta community in innercity Kingston, Jamaica.
She also had her first solo expo Amsterdam in June 2016, which consisted of 20 pieces of original works on canvas to be showcased at Pllek during Yard Vibes: Little Jamaica.
In july 2016 she was part of the group expo “Changing Narratives” held in Amsterdam.
In September 2016 she was invited to Sweden Linskoping to be part of the Extract Project, where she made the local paper.
In November 2017 she repatriated to The Gambia and is now in the midst of opening the Cool Ruler Creative space. A space where Afro creatives can connect and create projects, art and design. Her first project being The Raggamuffin Hat Collection, a collaboration between her and Mr. Camara a local Gambian Hat weaver. She also started the Hat Weaver training in Oct 2018 together with Mr. Camara. They are now training 3 people.

With her work she aims to not only celebrate Afro arts, but alsp hopes to help and contribute to this culture in a positive way while challenging existing stereotypes.


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